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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Running Amok with Rev. Jim

Rev. Jim "Yosemite Sam" Yearsley has misunderstood his assignment. He was clearly instructed by the LayMAN to write a letter to the Civil Union and Christian Marriage Committee and then dutifully report to them what he had written. Instead Rev. Jim sent the LayMAN a letter about me.
If there is a more appropriate appellation than “Shuck and Jive” for the heresy spewed by Mr. Shuck, I cannot imagine what it would be. For those unfamiliar with the term, “to shuck and jive” refers to intentionally misleading words and actions.

Another way to state it might be “pure bulloney!”

This guy’s blog is – as much as anything else – a great indicator of how much this denomination has lost its way. In any presbytery even pretending to hold traditional reformed theology or even faithful orthodox Christian belief as its standard, he would have already been brought up on charges.

I’m guessing that relative truth, syncretism and humanist secularism is far more the norm in Holston. Either that or the few conservatives there are so thoroughly cowed and fearful for their pensions that he is allowed to run amok.
Rev. Jim Yearsley
Tampa, Fla.
I am flattered. Do you suppose he wants to gay marry me? Sadly, I don't think I am his only love. He already tried to run amok (to no avail) with Rev. Janet Edwards.
"To ignore Rev. Edwards' gross misconduct and heretical behavior would be to turn a blind eye to the cancer that inflicts our denomination."
Ho hum. He needs a new pick up line.

Here is an excellent letter by Rev. Ray Bagnuolo. This is the conclusion but check the whole letter and do write your own!

Endorsing some tethered solution of civil unions and a blessing is lukewarm, at best, and insulting at worst, elevating the “heterosexual status,” once again; feeding the homophobic and violent fringe of society with another diminished status for those we call sisters and brothers in Christ. I don’t believe we can have it both ways. We cannot be sisters and brothers in Christ, with some “just a little less sisters and brothers in Christ.”

Lastly, as an openly gay man ordained as Minister of Word and Sacrament, I can assure you that we who are your LGBT sisters and brothers are not issues. We are not the “ordination issue” or the “marriage issue.” We are living, breathing, loving, baptized members of this church and our community. Our lives continue to be directly affected by the decisions of this church.

It is my opinion that your recommendation should not be based on whether the church can accept it. Your recommendation should be based on what faith demands it to be. Let the acceptance and wrangling that follows be what it may, but let your voice be one for all those marginalized who need to hear and know that they have not been forgotten and are loved in the PC(USA) as equals.
Responses can be sent electronically or mailed to Civil Union and Christian Marriage Committee, Office of the General Assembly, Room 4621, 100 Witherspoon Street, Louisville, KY 40202-1396.