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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Response to Huckabee Report

This is from a friend, Christina, in response to Monday's Huckabee Report:
Dear Mr. Huckabee,

After hearing your radio show this morning on the amount of money doctors should make, I thought you might be interested in hearing about my job.

I care for people. I comfort them when they are sick, scared or hurt. I hug them when they are crying and laugh with them if they are happy. I feed them or help them feed themselves if they are unable to do so. I clean them, wash them and style their hair just the way they like it. I dress them and keep them warm. I do their makeup, their nails, shave them and apply cologne or perfume. I take them to the bathroom if they cannot do it themselves, and I do the required cleaning afterwards. I empty their garbage, make their beds, fluff their pillows, give them a drink of water or soda or coffee or whatever they want. Am I a mom? No…

I monitor their skin for injuries. I take their blood pressure, temperature and pulse and report any abnormalities. I hold their hand as they are dying.

And, after they have passed; with the tenderness of a mother washing a newborn infant, I clean up a saddened families loved one and prepare them for their next journey. And I cry because they are gone, because they were family to me too.

I am not a Registered Nurse, not a Licensed Nurse. Practitioner. I am a C.N.A. a Certified Nursing Assistant. I make $7.50 an hour. Less than the average McDonalds employee, but I promise you my job is more important to the sick, elderly, infirm, and dying than flipping a burger.

Have you, Mr. Huckabee ever had your Mother or Father in a nursing home? Or thought about being in one yourself someday? If you have I hope someday you will be in mine. Because even though I make wages that put me under the poverty level, even though I cannot afford my OWN quality health care, I will care for YOU Mr. Huckabee like I would my own family. (Even though I don’t agree with your politics in any way.)

Thank you for your time. I look forward to hearing about this sometime soon on the Huckabee Report.

Americans believe it is a value and a right and good for society to provide at government expense K-12 education.

Americans believe it is a value and a right and good for society to provide at government expense roads, sewage, water mains, stop signs, police, and fire protection.

Americans (politicians and corporations notwithstanding) believe it is a value and a right and good for society to provide at government expense health care.

Education, roads, police, fire, and health care are not just for the rich.

Health care is not a luxury. It is a vital part of our social infrastructure.

It is time for our political leaders to put what we value into action.

Join us tomorrow.