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Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Are God and the Universe the Same Thing?

A few months ago, Zaius Nation published an interesting post on Easter. He wrote:
I have my own own unique opinion of god. I think that mankind made a fundamental error when he created a differentiation between the words "god" and "universe". All of man's confusion on the subject of religion could be cleared up if we removed the bias that the usage of two different words for the same subject has caused. If there was only one word for god and the universe, then nobody would argue about it.
I tend to agree. Religion and science are human products. Both are attempts to figure out what the heck this whole thing is about. Religion uses human inventions of imagination, stories, etc. and science uses human inventions of reason and fact.

I am not quite happy with the term atheism to describe my viewpoint. I think religious stories can tell us something about ourselves and our place in the universe. On the other hand various theisms that elevate the concept of god above or beyond the universe seem like guessing at best and at worst foster a "we know a little bit more" than those scientists. "Our reality is more real."

If God and the Universe are two terms for the same thing, then maybe we can work together.

While I don't call myself an atheist (although I appreciate those who do) I think of myself these days (and it could change tomorrow) as a sexy pantheist.

The Universe is a big enough reality for me and God is my sexy term for it.