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Monday, July 13, 2009

Fun with the LayMAN

A few LayMAN readers responded to my letter to the PCUSA committee on civil union and Christian marriage. Here is my favorite:
Everyone in the denomination knows that John Shuck is as close to being a heretic as we have in the PCUSA. It seems that he has even influenced his staff as is evidenced by the letter from his office assistant. The PCUSA is not discriminating against same sex couples/same-sex marriage. It is only following the Word of God, which has been revealed to us. The Church universal has maintained this stance on marriage throughout centuries of church history. There have also been many heretics who have come up with bizarre ideas like those of “Shuck & Jive.” I am surprised that Holston Presbytery has not brought charges against the minister who is obviously outside of the boundaries of God’s Word. My heart breaks for those members of his church who are being led astray. Wolves do come in the disguise of sheep’s clothing!
Virginia Parrish
" close to being a heretic..."

sigh--always a bridesmaid, never a bride...

Here is my letter. Don't forget to send yours!