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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Faux Covenants

I see that Jim Berkley, formerly of the IRD, now of the LayMAN, has written his letter to the Civil Union and Christian Marriage Committee. Presbyweb posted it. Here is a snippet:
We do not love others by setting up faux “covenants” so that they may feel confident and encouraged to continue in sexual sin. We do not love others by failing to warn them about the consequences of their actions, but instead just let them continue in sin to their own destruction.
That is what he thinks of your relationships, my gay and lesbian friends, faux covenants. Allies, that is what he thinks of your friends' and family members' relationships, faux covenants.

This post is not a critique of his letter. I don't even care if you read it. It is the same destructive, harmful nonsense that we can expect from the right wing. He has a right to express it.

The question is this and I put it as bluntly as I can: will he speak for you?

The answer is "yes" unless you speak.

The right wing is churning out the letters and posting them on right wing websites. My post here will probably stir up more anti-lgbt letters. I hope it does more than that.

The committee obviously is not going to be so shallow as simply to take a vote count of pro-lgbt vs. anti-lgbt letters. However, volume does matter (that is why on-line newspapers are always posting those annoying polls).

What matters more is that
  • if you are reading this and
  • if you disagree that same-gender relationships are faux covenants
your voice needs to be heard as much as these others.

You don't need to be a member of the clergy to write a letter.

Maybe you are in a "faux" covenant yourself. Tell the committee it ain't

Maybe you have a friend or family member that the right wing thinks is mo faux. Tell them it isn't so.

Tell your story. Tell the committee and thus the Presbyterian Church that same-gender relationships are the real thing and a far cry from faux covenants.

Perhaps you are not really sure where you stand, but you do think that clergy and congregations need the freedom of conscience to provide pastoral care to all of their members and that blessing these relationships is an important part of that care.

This committee needs to hear the voice of reason and compassion. You are that voice.

Here are the

Responses can be sent
electronically or mailed to Civil Union and Christian Marriage Committee, Office of the General Assembly, Room 4621, 100 Witherspoon Street, Louisville, KY 40202-1396.

We have until August 16th.