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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Pacific Flips! East Iowa yes on B!

The B goes on. East Iowa Presbytery passed B by a huge margin yesterday, 74-21. A bigger story is that the Presbytery of Pacific (L.A.) flipped for B, 100-90! Previously, this presbytery has not voted for equality. Kiskiminetas (Penn) voted no again. Haven't heard about Savannah, a likely no. The score is 77-91.

We have the potential for one more yes with Missouri River Valley next week. We will finish with either 77 or 78 yes votes, which is a great showing, heartbreaking in that it was that close! That amounts to just a few votes in each presbytery. I will give a wrap-up next week.

Thanks to all for the hard work organizing and telling the truth!!

In other news, the New York State Assembly passed a marriage equality bill. Now it goes to the senate. It will be a fight but there should be a majority. Also, the bill in New Hampshire will reach the governor's desk soon. Fundies are frothing. Hope the gov does the right thing.

Chris of the Tennessee Equality Project points out how some Christians have difficulty understanding the Ten Commandments, especially #9. Hate crimes legislation had been delayed and goes before the Tennessee senate judiciary committee at 3 p.m. today.