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Friday, May 08, 2009

Northern Waters Yes!

Northern Waters Presbytery has the distinction of being the 74th presbytery to affirm equality in the PCUSA's long trek toward justice. 74 is the number of presbyteries who initially voted no in 1997 when that infamous scoundrel, G-6.0106busybody, was inserted in the constitution with its scolding tone, simplistic theology, and bad manners.

Northern Waters voted 52-11 yesterday in favor of amendment B which would move the church toward equality and human decency. Good work, folks! Mid-Tennessee (Nashville and environs) had voted earlier in the day to remain indecent.

Keeping tabs after the vote has been decided reminds me of the 1980s. Lovely Spouse, little ones, and I would watch the Seattle Mariners play in the now demolished Kingdome in late August and September. The Mariners had been mathematically eliminated since June. In a 60,000 seat stadium, about 5,000 of the faithful would be there. My family would have the whole section to ourselves (which was great as the kids needed to run a lot).

It is still baseball. You still play the game. You finish the season with an ever hopeful glimmer in the eye. Next year.