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Sunday, May 03, 2009

Minnesota Valleys Flips!

This just in from Covenant Network:
The Presbytery of Minnesota Valleys (Southwestern Minnesota) became the 31st to switch from opposition in 2001-2 to support this year, 44-37-1!

And the Presbytery of Southern New England (Connecticut, Rhode Island, and parts of Massachusetts) maintained and strengthened its commitment to ordination equality, as reported by Ralph Jones from Presbyterian Promise:

"I'm writing to report that today the Presbytery of Southern New England voted in favor of Proposed Amendment 08-B. The announced vote was 97 yes, 50 no, with no abstentions. This was our largest percentage vote against G-6.0106b or for change since we've been debating this, although 34 more people voted back in 2001."
The score is 73-89.

It is good to see these positive votes coming in demonstrating that while not this year the PCUSA is ready for change.

How long?
Not long.

Here are the presbyteries yet to vote:

  • May 7 - Middle Tennessee, Northern Waters
  • May 9 - Utah
  • May 12 - East Iowa, Kiskiminetas, Pacific, Savannah
  • May 19 - Missouri River Valley
  • ?? - Noroeste, Suroeste, Dakota