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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

More Yes Votes on B!

I just received this great news from Covnet:

Lehigh and Detroit both voted yes on amendment B tonight. Lehigh by a score of 60-46-2 and Detroit, 141-92. Both presbyteries had voted against equality last time around. That means 30 presbyteries have switched from a previous no to a yes.

The score is now 71-89.

This is good news in that even though B has failed, the witness and celebration of an inclusive church just on the horizon is strong!

GA in 2010 is looking better and better.

Thanks to all who keep speaking and voting for justice, equality, unity and peace!

The remaining presbyteries to vote include:
  • May 2 - Dakota, Minnesota Valleys, Southern New England
  • May 7 - Middle Tennessee, Northern Waters
  • May 9 - Utah
  • May 12 - East Iowa, Kiskiminetas, Pacific, Savannah
  • May 19 - Missouri River Valley
  • ?? - Noroeste, Suroeste