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Sunday, April 19, 2009

James McGrath Super Blogging Star

Time for another Jesus Christ Superstar video. This one is in honor of James McGrath at Exploring Our Matrix. James has been "reported" to his pastor for passing along daaaaaaangerous ideas to his Sunday School class. Check it:
One of the recent conservative commenters on my blog decided to write to my pastor to make sure that he is aware of the sorts of views I have.
Even James' world is filled with fusspots and busybodies. James is taking it all in the right spirit of course:
A conservative blog recently described me as "dangerous", and I realized that I should take that as a compliment.
Indeed you should.

I agree with Jim West on this one.

to the cowardly offender who believes himself to be the thought police, and justified in reporting McGrath’s wicked views to his poor unsuspecting Parson, a word- shut up.
As one who has likewise been "reported" I find yet a stronger kinship with my friend from Butler U!