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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Lisa Larges Decision

The Synod PJC has made a ruling regarding the Lisa Larges case that I reported on Saturday. Presbyweb posted a copy of the decision. I am still trying to figure out what it means. The complainants against the presbytery cited a number of errors and only one was sustained by the PJC.
The presbytery erred when it voted to certify the candidate as "ready for examination...with a departure" because the examination for ordination is the proper time for Presbytery to determine whether or not a candidate's departure constitutes a failure to adhere to the essentials of the Reformed faith and polity....The debate and vote on January 15th was not an examination for ordination.
OK, so...
In response to the requests for relief in the complaint:
1) The Synod Permanent Judicial Commission grants the request to rescind the Presbytery's certification that the candidate is "ready for examination."
The ruling is that she is not at this moment ready for examination.

It seems to me, who thank God is no lawyer, that the presbytery jumped the gun regarding the scruple. Lisa should have just been approved without scrupling and saved the scruple for when she is examined for ordination itself.

I am curious what you think, but it seems to me that the next time the presbytery meets they can simply certify her as ready for examination.

This really is a pain.

This is why you need to vote in the new amendment B and change G-6.0106b that simply serves to put stumbling blocks before faithful candidates who want to serve the church.

Today's votes were as expected and reason to celebrate. Five yeses and one no!

Boston 54-42
Western Reserve 107-42
Geneva 44-29
Elizabeth 91-53

Beaver-Butler 21-92 (but they actually had some votes compared to a 'no' voice vote last time)

Score 56-80.

We are still in this.

Let's do this for Lisa.