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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The LayMAN is Nervous Again

Here is the latest from the LayMAN. The LayMAN knows this vote is close and that momentum is on equality's side (or as they put it, the side of "removing the moral barriers"). Immoral barriers are what we have currently in my opinion and in the opinion of an increasing number of Presbyterians. In the LayMAN's words:
The 2008-09 referendum on the “fidelity/chastity” ordination requirement in the Presbyterian Church (USA) is more than halfway to the finish line and the adherents to Biblical standards have a commanding lead.

Or do they?

The latest reports on the denomination’s fourth referendum on the issue since 1996-97 tally up to 39 presbyteries in favor of a re-wording of the standards and 66 opposed to the amendment that would jettison “fidelity/chastity” from G-6.0106b in The Book of Order.

But no one should jump to conclusions about the outcome. Momentum is about to change.
You betcha. Regardless of the vote this year, our denomination is moving slowly but surely toward ending discrimination. The "popular vote" or the votes of the commissioners is quite close.
5933 to 6885 so far. 46.3% of the individual commissioners voted favor the change.

Presbyteries have by a 3-1 margin increased votes in favor of the amendment that is far superior theologically than the current text. 17 have switched from anti to pro equality. None have gone the other way.

In presbytery after presbytery folks are hearing powerful heartfelt and well-reasoned statements for removing this immoral barrier and for restoring our Presbyterian principles for ordaining and installing officers.

Every vote and every speech counts in every presbytery.

Keep 'em nervous, beloveds.