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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Three Presbyteries Flip for Justice!

Just got the word that three presbyteries that previously voted against inclusion, all voted in favor of the new G-6.0106b today!

Huzzahs for
  1. Maumee Valley, 65-58
  2. Great Rivers, 85-74
  3. Scioto Valley, 115-88
The score is now 23 for and 38 against. Check out the chart.

Nine presbyteries have reversed their vote to a more inclusive position. None (that is zero) have gone the other way.

We have had heart breakers. Cincinnati was a tie a week or so ago, which means no. Others lost by just two or three votes. Every presbytery is a "swing" presbytery. Get out the vote! Every vote makes the difference.

My clerk of session received in the mail propaganda from the Presbyterian Coalition today. They are working it. Those who are in favor of inclusion need to as well.

Make sure you get folks to the presbytery meeting, and if possible, get folks prepared to speak!

Good work, you inclusion mongers!