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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Paul Stanley in His Own Words

If there was a doubt that Paul Stanley is targeting gays with his proposed legislation, here he is in his own words on OneNewsNow:
"We were having a lot of [unmarried] individuals apply to adopt children from state custody....And while single people can make very good parents, what we were finding is that some of those individuals were in same-sex relationships," he points out. "And we just thought it was not advantageous to have children who are the responsibility of the state being placed in such homes."Paul Stanley (R-Memphis).

Stanley believes married, heterosexual couples provide the best climate for raising children. "I don't think you can put a child in a home with two individuals of the same sex and meet the needs -- the emotional, the physical, the mental needs of that child to be a well-developed child as they move into adulthood," he contends.
Stanley is either completely misinformed or he is lying.

Meanwhile, there are one million homeless children in the United States and 1500 in Memphis alone. These are the children Stanley was elected to represent.

For Stanley it is better to live in the streets than in a home with gay parents.