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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Meaning of Life, Part 16

Me, I'm just a talking animal, and so are you. What makes me happy is just love, and occasional joy in creative work. My biggest long-term need is for the religious faith to love life and say Yes to life with all my heart. I need to be able to look without fear at the basic limits of life, and to accept the whole thing as a package deal, so that prospective physical decline and death do not get me down. Thus I've traded in the old visionary 'eternalist' conception of knowledge for a much more modest view of what knowledge is, and for the view that our salvation lies in solar living, solar loving. It's a pretty good bargain. It's not The Truth, because there is no Truth, but it's true enough for me and for you. Don Cupitt, Above Us Only Sky, p. 22