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Thursday, February 26, 2009

March Newsletter and Still Brooding

Our March newsletter (which arguably is better than your average C Minus newsletter) is now on-line!

I am still steamed about that damned C minus. Tatusko received a higher grade than I did. Sure, he has one of those slick wordpress blogs or whatever the kids are into these days. Yeah, I still use blogger. I haven't changed the gross green color either. So what?

Did you know that I received the lowest grade not only of every clergy blogger, but of anyone she has graded yet?!

I'll bet she didn't even read my posts on the rapture, or conversations with Bob, or my sermons.

Local politics, Jeebus, and poking fun at the right wing blowhards are just some of the treasures you'll find here. But she didn't have anything to say about

It is just rude to grade someone you don't even know when they don't even ask you to do so.

A C Minus.

Well, Anna, I am going to grade you. See how you like it.

This is what I think of you and your blog.

Have a nice day.