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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Just Trying to Evolve

Just in time for Chuck's 200th, Michael Dowd has sent out the latest issue of The Evolutionary Times. Michael writes:
February 12th is Charles Darwin’s 200th birthday. While reflecting on the life and legacy of this great scientist and devoted husband and father, I’ve been struck by how an evolutionary understanding of the universe has, in fact, REALized my religious faith. I now enjoy all the benefits and blessings of religion from a place of knowledge rather than belief. When I look to the past, I am filled with awe and gratitude. When I look around me in the present, I feel love, compassion, and a desire to do everything I can to ensure a healthy world. And when I look to the future, including a future without me, I feel a deep and all-embracing trust.

Thanks to the role that Charles Darwin and countless other evolutionaries have played in enriching my faith and guiding my path, today I have no resentments, no secrets, and no unfinished business. More, I am able to ‘follow my bliss’ full-time with Connie Barlow, my perfect mission partner. If there’s a heaven on this side of death, surely this is it.
Michael is a good egg. He and Connie visited us this past September and together they put on an inspiring and educational program. You ought to invite them to your place!

In honor of the day, here is Ani DiFranco just trying to Evolve: