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Sunday, February 01, 2009

Jesus Was Intercepted

I enjoyed this last post from Dr. Monkerstein, Jesus Totally Doesn't Love Kurt and Brenda Warner Anymore.

Remember when Kurt Warner gave credit to Jesus for going to the Super Bowl? In case you missed it:

I hate to quibble with theology with Dr. Monkey, but the thing is that Jesus did want Kurt and the Cardinals to win. In fact Jesus took over Kurt's body to give him divine juice. It's just that Jesus' best days are behind him. It is retirement time. Actually, Jesus was never that good at football. He's not bad. It just isn't his main sport. I mean check this play. Jesus was intercepted and he didn't even tackle the evil Steeler on the 100 yard return.

Ouch. Yeah, I think Kurt should be re-evaluating whether he wants Jesus to possess his body any more. I think a deity trade is in the works.