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Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Is the LayMAN Getting Nervous?

The LayMAN posted this article, Opponents of ordination standards get key win; more likely to follow.

Lamenting over Western North Carolina's approval of the new B (so sweet), the LayMAN is worried the tide may be turning. Check this:

Overall, the tally on the proposed revision of G-6.0106b now stands at 11 presbyteries voting to change it and 22 voting to keep it on the books as it is now. But the margins of support for the ordination requirement have trailed off in this referendum. If it continues that way among presbyteries that had close votes in 2001, the requirement could be defeated.

In 2001-02, 50 presbyteries that opposed repealing G-6.0106b had margins as close as Western North Carolina’s this year. That includes 12 with margins of 10 or fewer votes and 15 with margins of 11-30 votes. If all 50 voted to changing G-6.0106b, the opponents of the “fidelity/chastity” requirement would win by a vote of 96-77.
Cool! If Western North Carolina (home of the LayMAN's former Pontiff, Parker Williamson) can vote for inclusion, so can the rest of the PC(USA)!

The LayMAN spoke this truth as well:

And even if the proponents of ordaining gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgender people come up short this year, they will declare that “close” is sufficient grounds to ask the General Assembly to approve another referendum.
Right again, O LayMAN. Justice never sleeps. We will keep knocking on that door. Little by little, one heart and mind at a time, the church will finally get it.