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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Fun With Tennessee Politics

This is so rich on so many levels. Rep. Kent Williams, from Elizabethton, Carter County, TN, is Speaker of the House. And he did it by doing what he said he would do--vote for a Republican. The Republican turned out to be himself!

This is making national news. Tennessee Republicans thought they had a mandate to push through all their stone age legislation. Not so fast. The Dems pulled a fast one and elected a moderate Republican.

I like Kent Williams. He is tough, smart, and has integrity. He cares about Tennessee as opposed to partisan politics:

Williams said that “I probably did violate my promise,” but that it was outweighed by a desire for change that would bring bipartisan fairness to the Legislature while protecting employees.

“I believe history will record that this was a great thing for the state of Tennessee,” he said.

Williams said he would push for passage of a proposed anti-abortion amendment to the state constitution that has been killed in Naifeh-appointed committees in past years after winning approval in the Republican-controlled Senate.

While saying he still considers himself a Republican and will not become a Democrat, Williams acknowledged that he may be banished from the GOP.

The Republicans think leadership is get a majority and be boss of the planet. That is not the leadership we need. Here is video of the historic event:

And an article in The Tennesseean.