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Friday, December 12, 2008

Religious Right Trashes Newsweek: Respond!

I received this email from the Human Rights Campaign:
How many times have you had to hear opponents of marriage equality cite passage after passage from the Bible? How many times have you wanted to know exactly the right response to their literary acrobatics?

Newsweek's recent cover story, "The Religious Case for Gay Marriage" provides just that – debunking all the popular myths.

The response? On the first day, Newsweek was "bombarded" with 20,000 emails in opposition to its article.

Stand up for equality and fairness - send Newsweek a note today.

The current cover story of Newsweek magazine titled, "The Religious Case for Gay Marriage" should be read by each and every member of our community. The piece provides an in-depth debunking of many of the popular myths about Scripture that the religious-right has used time and time again.

How refreshing to see a major, mainstream American news outlet speaking the truth in such a courageous way.

But, as you would fully expect, the right-wing has launched a massive uproar to the piece by flooding Newsweek's editors with thousands of letters in opposition. Last night, I interviewed Lisa Miller, Religion Editor for Newsweek Magazine and the article's author, on my Sirius XM radio show, The Agenda. You can hear Lisa in her own words describe how on the first day the story came out Newsweek was "bombarded" with 20,000 emails in opposition to the article.

Friends, when someone is courageously willing to stand up and take on the those who have for so long twisted the words of the Bible and gone unchecked – it is our obligation to make sure they know that there are also millions of us standing right on their side.

You too can make sure that the voices of equality and fairness aren't drowned out by those who oppose our families.


Joe Solmonese
I decided to write my own response that I have posted below.
Dear Newsweek,

I am a minister in the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) I wish to thank you for your cover story regarding gay marriage. I commend you for taking on faulty biblical interpretations and offering a faithful, reasoned, and compassionate reading in their place.

It was well done.

I have been a minister for 16 years and have seen the effects of prejudice by those who would use scripture to condemn sexual and gender minorities.

I have posted your article on my personal blog and the blog for our local PFLAG chapter. I am encouraging people to buy mass quantities off the news stand and put them in Christmas stockings.

You have saved lives. That is no exaggeration.

I know that you will receive all kinds of threats and bluster and already have. Sometimes that is the price we pay for telling the truth and standing up for what is right.

Rev. John Shuck, Minister
First Presbyterian Church
Elizabethton, Tennessee