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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Obama Picks Warren for Invocation

War with Iran? Great idea. Gotta stamp out evil.

Proposition Eight?
Count me in (and count gays out!) Praise Jesus!

Only Christians go to heaven?
You betcha! And only certain kinds of Christians at that!

Obama is making one dubious choice after another. His latest? Selecting fundamentalist celebrity Rick Warren to invoke his homophobic, war-mongering, narrow-minded god at the inauguration.

Don't be fooled by his aw shucks demeanor. Rick Warren is James Dobson with a Howdy Doody grin. He is trying to be America's pastor.

But you know what? America doesn't need a pastor. The president is president of all Americans regardless of religious belief including none. The president is also president of all people including sexual and gender minorities.

According to tradition, you have to pick some kind of religious figure to pretend to invoke some deity. There are plenty of invokers of deities that are not as problematic as Warren.

What does it mean to have Warren, who was outspoken in favor of Proposition 8, give a prayer at the inauguration? It means that Obama is insensitive or is pandering or he has made a huge miscalculation and has taken his base of support for granted.

My hope is this symbolic gesture is the closest Warren will get to the president. My fear is that this could signal that Obama (when it comes down to it) will not support equal rights for sexual and gender minorities.

Bad taste, Mr. President-Elect. I like you, but excuse me if I don't in join the hoopla for your big party.

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