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Tuesday, December 09, 2008

The Next 20 Years Will Be Nothing Like the Last 20

This is a refrain that Chris Martenson repeats throughout his crash course on the three E's: Economy, Energy, Environment. Thanks to Rachael Z. for pointing me to this. It is basic education regarding our economy. I watched about half of it last night. You can view it in segments. I am going to watch the rest of it tonight and watch parts of it again. This would be an important thing to watch with neighbors or with a church group.

I started this blog two years ago because I was concerned about our future. On the sidebar near the bottom you can read my ramblings about what I also called "the E's." I also included Entitlement and Empire.

The future is now. This is from today's Johnson City Press:

  1. Area Retail Sales Showing Signs of Strained Economy
  2. Congress Sends White House $15B Auto Aid Proposal
  3. Jonesborough Officials Tell Department Heads to Try to Tighten Budgets
  4. Economy Bad All Over, Even Before Current Crisis
  5. Dow Chemical to Slash 5000 Jobs, Close 20 Plants
  6. Tribune Seeks Bankruptcy Protection
  7. Laid Off Workers Become Symbol of Mounting Anger
I don't know how this will play out. But I think we are in for massive changes. I think it is time to be aware of what is really happening. And how we approach these changes will impact how we will manage them. It is an adventure. This is an exciting time to be alive. Frightening, too. But we got each other, right?

What do you think? Is this an economic blip and we will get back on track, onward and upward forever?

Or is this a sign that we are reaching the limits of our planet's ability to sustain our economic growth?