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Thursday, November 27, 2008

To be a Twit

I have discovered Twitter. I am finding it interesting and helpful. I thought it was self-indulgent at first, and it is. But it is a bit more. It is a way to connect. Check this video.

You can follow me on Twitter.

If you Twitter too,
Then I can follow you!

I started using it just this week in response to this Twitter of Faith thing. I posted about it here.

Give your "faith statement" in 140 characters or less. Folks are twittering their dogma all over the internet. Now that it has spread beyond the faithful, the statements are becoming more interesting. People are "twittering" their philosophies, their life's meaning, or just some stupid phrase they heard yesterday.

Unlike the Christians, they have no requirements of course to use Christian tropes and lingo like the blood of Jesus, resurrection, or what have you. They can say what they want without any desire to proclaim truth or to convert others.

You can read all the statements here and add your own.

I liked this one from someone who calls herself cartoongoddess, who

"believes in acceptance, tolerance and equality for all in a peaceful world. We can learn from one another. Appreciate difference."

I appreciate my colleagues, Adam and Shawn, for starting this thing. These guys are cool, young, justice-oriented, "emergent" Christians and Presbyterian ministers. It is all in good fun.

Yet it brings me to this point. I am suspicious of any evangelistic enterprise. Not that this is one, or was intended to be, but it could be. When someone wants to proclaim the gospel, I want to duck. I think I am being charitable when I suggest that the church's evangelistic history is ambiguous.

On the other hand, freedom of speech--and now freedom to be a twit--is a value I cherish, serve, and protect. If you resonate with my views, the answer may be for you to be a twit in return.

Twitter your philosophy in 140 characters or less and join the movement to express your freedom of thought! Or not.

In either case, the Goddess smiles.