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Sunday, November 02, 2008

Is Ordination a Crock?

You need to go and bother JohnM who just started blogging at Untitled. What kind of person names his blog, "untitled?" One who sees blog titles, honorary degrees, and ordinations as expressions of hubris. His latest post Discernment, Again? takes on the whole business of ordination that we prize so highly in the church. John writes:
I have an image in my mind of one group running around a track holding the institution of ordination aloft so as not to “lower the bar.” The other group of glbt folks chasing after it believing they need to be ordained to fulfill a calling of God. Has it occurred to anyone else that the problem is not with who should be ordained, but with the institution of ordination itself?
All right, John. You have my attention. Preach it:
I attended a presbytery worship service last year where the liturgy included a statement that ordination was a gift of Christ. Baloney! Jesus ordained no one. He simply said follow me. No laying on of hands. No vows. No standards. Just “Follow Me.” Ordination is a human construct. It is all about control. The first casualties of “who’s in charge” following the resurrection were the women who followed Jesus on the road. Then came the bishops and the elders, all men, who took charge of the church, its doctrines and sacraments.
I am with you. Now close with a vivid word-picture:
I’m beginning to believe that ordination, in the words of John Nance Garner on the office of Vice-President, “not worth a bucket of warm spit.’
But, John, without ordination who is going to bless those little cups of juice?

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