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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Gradye Spanks the LayMAN

Gradye Parsons, who is from my mountain, Holston Presbytery, and now is stated clerk of the PC(USA), finally had enough the LayMAN's bluster and error and sent a letter to all the stated clerks refuting the fear-mongering of a letter the LayMAN had previously sent to all 10,000 plus congregations. Parsons writes:
The [LayMAN's] letter suggests that presbyteries have taken aggressive actions to deprive congregations of their pastors and property via ecclesiastical processes and the secular courts. The letter misrepresents the actions of presbyteries and misinterprets recent General Assembly Permanent Judicial Commission cases.

Virtually all actions by presbyteries are reactions to aggressive schismatic behavior by individual congregations and sessions. Of the thirty-nine cases in civil courts, thirty-six have been filed for local sessions. The three filed by presbyteries have sought only that sessions and congregations be required to follow the processes provided by the Book of Order. When sessions/congregations have followed those processes, they have usually been dismissed to the reformed denomination of their choice.
Good for Gradye.

Meanwhile, John Knox Presbytery, voted to approve Scott Anderson, to candidacy for ordination.

DUBUQUE, IA — The John Knox Presbytery voted here Nov. 18 to enroll Scott Anderson, a partnered gay man, as a candidate for the ministry of the Word and Sacrament in the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A).

This action of the presbytery advances Anderson to the last stage of the ordination process in preparation for a final decision on his entry into the ministry.
Read Scott's excellent Affirmation of Conscience. Thank you John Knox Presbytery and especially thank you Scott!

Finally, in yet another response to Barbara Wheeler's "no action" recommendation, elder Brian Wells responded:

Many of us felt kicked in the teeth by allies before, but luckily my people are known for our resilience...
No action. That very phrase is an indictment of the church.

Torture? No action.
Iraq War? No action.
Climate change? No action.
And now, basic dignity for human beings? No action.

Take action on all of these issues including the new amendment B.