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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Ashamed of My Religion

I am thrilled that the United States elected Barack Obama, the first African-American, to the White House. It is an incredible accomplishment. I find it difficult to actually believe that it is true.

No joy is complete. With the sunshine comes the rain and the bitter with the sweet. I am deeply saddened today as well. Measures were passed in Arizona, Florida, and (probably) California to put into law discrimination against other Americans. This is from Friends of Jake:

We even lost LA county. African-Americans voted overwhelmingly in favor of Prop8, thus the history-making vote for Obama hurt us badly. Why is it that one oppressed group is so ready to oppress the ones behind them in line?

But what will be remembered by the GLBT community is the Mormons and the Catholics and the conservative Christians their opposition to our civil rights. I want to stand in front of the Mormon Temple or the Catholic churches, with other gay couples, just silently staring at their faces as they walk by, and make them look us in the eye. Our community is outraged at organized religion, and I am too.
Let's hear it for the Christians. What did it cost you to raise up the flag for discrimination? You have lost any claim to simple decency. You showed that you have no soul. You are further from the Jesus you claim to follow as hell is from heaven. As Jesus said to the religious of his day:
‘Truly I tell you, the tax-collectors and the prostitutes are going into the kingdom of God ahead of you. (Matt. 21:31)
I am coming more and more to the sad truth that Christianity is a sham and a scam. It is a religion of hatred and ignorance. I am ashamed to be one today.