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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Why I Heart the Jesus Seminar

When I post on the Jesus Seminar, I tend to raise the ire of some commenters. I don't intend that, but I regard it as an added bonus. One blogger said that I was a Jesus Seminar Fanboy. True enough. I am an associate member and a member of their fan club. Folks may think it odd that scholars would have a fan club. I think it is swell. Some people are fans of NASCAR and enjoy watching grown men (and women) turn left around a racetrack. Others are fans of Westar and enjoy watching grown men (and women) vote left around a table.

Why do I heart them? Let me count the ways:

  1. They are a swell group of folks. All around, nice people.
  2. They publish books that I can read.
  3. They are interested in topics that interest me: the historical Jesus, Christian origins, and so forth.
  4. They go around the country two by two as the Lord has instructed them to preach the gospel of higher criticism. I am pleased to have so far hosted three such events, known as Jesus Seminars on the Road.
  5. They hold their Spring and Fall gatherings at the Flamingo.