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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

The Tyranny of the Urgent

That phrase came to mind today in regards to this bailout business. I heard on the news from those who want Congress to push this through quickly:
  1. It is not the time to ask why we got in this situation. It is time to act. And...
  2. We have to ACT NOW or our economic world will crash.
No financial expert am I. I am not sure if I have an opinion about all of this. But I do know that decisions we regret later are made in the drama of urgency. There are so many unknowns. Financial experts to whom I have been listening have widely differing opinions.

Why isn't it the time to ask why? When do we get to ask why? It would appear that the answer to why we got into this pickle might inform us as to what to do about it.

When the Iraq Invasion started it too was a matter of urgency. We couldn't wait we were told. We had to go in right away. We are regretting that decision.

There is something really fishy about all of this. I don't trust Bush or McCain or Obama or the treasury guy and most certainly not the financial institutions.

Few things are as urgent as we make them to be. At times a temporary panic stopping decision is all that is needed before we figure things out in more depth.

It would appear to me that Congress could say something like: "We are going to act. But we are going to act after we have been informed. We are going to act after we argue as to what we think is best for our citizens."

I say they should wait until after the election and take the time between now and then to fight it out. But, all that said, the House will likely cave and pass whatever is put before them on Thursday or Friday. The only hope is that they get lucky and we don't regret this in the future.