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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Prayer Warriors Needed

Yeah, this is where I live. An Elizabethton, Tennessee man named his baby, Sarah McCain Palin Ciptak. That is screwed up enough. But catch this...he didn't tell his wife. Here is the story in the Kingsport Times News:

People can be passionate about their politics. Consider, for example, the name given to a baby girl born last weekend to a Carter County couple: Sarah McCain Palin Ciptak.

While that’s the name father Mark Ciptak of Elizabethton put on documents for his baby girl’s birth certificate, it isn’t the name he and his wife originally agreed on. And it isn’t the name his wife, Layla, thought the baby was given.

“We actually came up with the name Ava Grace, and I secretively went and got another set of forms to send to (Social Security officials and the Tennessee Department of Health), and as of this time, she (Layla) still doesn’t realize what I’ve done. I haven’t broken the news to her yet,” Ciptak said.

“As of right now, I’m just trying to get up enough nerve to tell her what I’ve done and hope for the best. I hope I’m still living to tell the tale tomorrow. She thought it was a done deal with Ava Grace.

“Only some friends and family members who I have called for prayer support know at this point." (Read More)

Yeah, he is going to need prayer support all right.

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