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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My Debate Wish

The final debate is tomorrow night. I am hopeful but doubtful that there will be anything of substance to it. Just the same old rhetoric:

"'That one' wants to raise your taxes."

But what if they decided to really have a debate about our future--the important stuff?

It seems the most important issue has to do with how the leader of the United States will work with other world leaders and our nation's leaders to move us toward wise use of our planet's resources.

We just spent 700 billion of our children's money on this last financial crisis. Since we like to spend their money, what if we spent another big chunk on green technology and green energy? We create thousands of jobs for people for R & D and infrastructure to move us to wind, solar, and other forms of energy. We redesign the way we build our homes, use transportation, and grow our food.

To me, those are the big issues. It will take vision and sacrifice and a willingness to be creative.

Those issues would be interesting to hear in a debate.