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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Many Excellent Posts on Write To Marry

Over 300 bloggers posted on Write to Marry Day with more to come. I have had a chance to visit a few of them. I am impressed with the quality. The opposition's cause is lost. Religious people can spend millions trying to take away rights of their fellow citizens, but as Green Dads wrote:
It Will Never, Ever Be Over: What do the opponents of gay marriage honestly think is going to happen? Do they think that gay people will somehow just give up demanding that we be accorded fair and equal treatment for our families? What would they do if they were in our situation? “Well, Martha, a state amendment passed that says marriage shouldn’t be between a man and a woman, so I guess we have no choice. Let’s sell the house and the car – the kids? Oh, we’ll just give them to social services. I guess it’s time to go our separate ways. How about we just shake on it, okay? I don’t think a kiss would be appropriate.” I don’t think so. Straight people would fight. They would fight for their marriages, they would fight for their children, and they would fight for their families. And they would never, ever, stop fighting. Do any of them honestly think that we’ll do any less?
The opposition's solution is to drum up religious hysteria. They rely upon it. They believe that "God" will intervene on their behalf. Check out this video from Mock, Paper, Scissors:

Those who oppose equal rights for others have no argument but a scary, crazy, apocalyptic vision. This is Sarah Palin's religion. I feel sorry for you normal, sane, Republicans. Your party has been hijacked by a bunch of religious crazies whose solution to problems is to fill up sports stadiums and in a frenzied fit pray for meteors.

The Democrats are going to win this one, if for no other reason than that their candidates are not nuts.

Remember, religious crazies do vote. Have you?