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Friday, October 17, 2008

Getting Dumber By the Moment

Thanks to Drew for pointing out this boner by Al Mohler, The End of Evolution? Mohler concludes his essay with this doozy:

Evolutionary theory cannot possibly explain the totality of human experience, much less the reality of human origins. Evolutionists -- if consistent -- believe that every human experience, every emotion, every physical attribute, every hope, and every fear is simply a feature developed by means of natural selection.

That's a cold theory, and it just doesn't make sense to the vast majority of Americans -- and it shouldn't. The Christian worldview offers a far more satisfying, true, and understandable account of human origins and human existence.

Well you evolutionists, you Darwinists, you. Explain to the good reverend what evolutionary theory can and cannot possibly explain. If evolutionary theory "doesn't make sense to the vast majority of Americans" it is in no small part due to wacko fantasies promoted by religious nut jobs who understand neither science nor the Bible claiming to speak with the bogus authority of the "Word of God."

Meanwhile, Inherit the Wind plays at ETSU this weekend. I wonder who Mohler will be rooting for?

In related news, you are invited to a pilgrimage to Dayton, TN to see the Darwin Shaped Wall Stain!