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Friday, October 17, 2008


As I have mentioned several times, one of the things I have most admired about the Jesus Seminar is that they have a commitment to bringing critical scholarship to non-professionals. Beyond their particular conclusions or methods as individuals or as a group, their commitment to educating the public should be praised by all.

These days, I find a great number of biblical scholars and Christian origins scholars blogging. As a minister, I thank you all for doing this. Here are a few blogs I check out on occasion.

Biblioblogs. This provides a list of some bibliobloggers as well as interviews with these blogging scholars. As far as particular bloggers I find interesting:

Mark Goodacre. He also keeps up New Testament Gateway, a resource for links to New Testament scholarship.

April DeConick. She writes about the other texts "the forbidden gospels." I especially enjoy her apocryphotes of the day.

Jim West. He blogs about all kinds of things including blogging about blogging. Check this essay in Bible and Interpretation. He keeps the amusing Guild of Biblical Minimalists.

NT Wrong. The mysterious Bishop Wrong is hilarious. He takes on the apologists among other wrong-headed ideas.

James McGrath. He also writes about a lot of different things, especially science and religion. His colleague at Butler is Michael Zimmerman, founder of Evolution Weekend.

James Crossley. He became my favorite when a Presbyterian colleague thought his book, Why Christianity Happened was too heretical to be published by our denomination's publishing house.

There are more than these who I haven't even checked out yet. This post is about blogs. But there are also a number of websites that are helpful in regards to biblical scholarship. I will link to some here and on my Bible and Jive blog.

Thanks you bibliobloggers! I appreciate ya!