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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Wowed by Dowd

We had a great start to Expand Your Mind Week. Over 100 attended Michael Dowd's workshop on Monday night at First Pres. I will have some pics and reports up about it. I resonate with most of what he is doing. This isn't just about evolution or religion or whatever. It is about the future of humanity.

What will it take for us to move to a level of cooperation in which we realize that what is good for us as individuals is good for us as a species? It will take a consciousness of global cooperation in regards to energy, food, and our treatment of Earth. Evolution and cosmology which is our common creation story (that is beyond the stories of our individual religions), can not only inform us but inspire us to participate in life in such a way that enhances life for all.

Or we could continue our bronze age religion, ignore diplomacy, squeeze every last drop of oil for our addiction, and the nuke the crap out of each other all for the love of Jesus.

We will come back to this topic.

This coming weekend we expand your mind regarding Christian origins. Hal Taussig and Milton Moreland will be here Friday and Saturday. We are going to read some naughty books. Dirty books. Bad books. Heretical books. Banned books. Burned books. Books. Books. Books! Ewww!

Be sure to come in disguise so that no one will recognize you.

I am looking for a new name for what I am becoming and the religion I am embracing. It is bigger than Christianity or any established religion, but includes them. It is based on the Jesus Wisdom Tradition. But not in an exclusive sense. The Jesus Wisdom Tradition is all the stuff about Jesus that knows no canonical boundary. It fully embraces science and admires wisdom from all traditions. It is the interaction of Cosmology, Evolution and mythology.

EcoJesus. EvoJesus. CosmoEvoJesus.

This isn't merely academic interest, this expand your mind week and all. I am convinced that the largest block in the road to global cooperation is religion. No current religion is advanced enough to deal with our current and future problems. That is no big revelation. Our religious institutions reflect Bronze age ethics. We are right. You are going to hell.

And its vision of the future is some version of apocalypticism in which we wait for a divine superman to save us from our screwups. Why wait? Bring it on. The sooner it gets worse, the sooner Jesus (or some other divine being on testosterone) saves us. Obviously, current religion is not up to the task.

But, we can't get to a new awareness without our religions. They are so pervasive. We have to move through them and move them to embrace the creation story that science gives us. We need to honor religious symbolism as symbolism (depth psychology and literary and mythological study is helpful here) and allow it to inspire us.
There may be no more important task for the current clergy in our sleeping religions, than
  1. the call to awaken to our cosmological history and our current planetary situation and
  2. the call to reinterpretation of our religious symbols so that they can inspire us to global cooperation, peace and justice.