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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Politics and Apocalypticism

Hat tip to Religious Right Watch for alerting us to this article:

Palin's Religious Beliefs Must Be Explored
by Chip Berlet is a transcript of a speech.

Does Sarah Palin share with millions of other evangelicals a nightmare vision of an approaching global battle between Godly Christians and evil Satanic agents of the Antichrist in the End Times? I hope some reporters ask Palin if she shares the vision of an apocalypse soon.

Many evangelical Christians believe in a rapidly approaching End Time confrontation between good and evil. Many liberals and progressives glibly dismiss these beliefs as whacko, but the believers number in the millions, are just as smart and sane as the rest of us, and act out these beliefs in the public square--shaping policies in the domestic and foreign policy arenas.

Pastor John Hagee believes in the upcoming apocalyptic battle, and Hagee and McCain endorsed each other before press reports (based on alternative blogsites!) revealed Hagee's alarming End Times beliefs. So, let's ask Palin. Does she really believe Jesus is returning in her lifetime as some have reported? If so, what other End Times beliefs does she have?. What follows is adapted from a speech I gave a few years ago as a general overview of Christian Dominionist End Times beliefs. Surf the apocalypse--experience the nightmare.

This is an important article. It hits the heart of our polarization in America regarding religion and the direction we need to take as Americans and as a species. Why are not these questions being asked by our media?

Take time to read the article and then I ask you, "What is your vision/belief about our future?"