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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Obama Won Debate and Will Win Election

To calm the fears of Obama supporters who thought Obama was too nice and didn't go for the jugular during last night's debate, let me put it to rest. Obama will win because the Republicans don't deserve another term. They have trashed our economy, led us into war on the basis of blatant lies, have let the selfish and greedy prosper at the expense our common good, and have tarnished our international reputation.

Last night, McCain was the face of that legacy. McCain is McBush. You could see it in his body language. He never looked at his opponent. He was contemptuous and sarcastic. That is not a sign of strength or confidence. That is weakness masked by aggressiveness. His leadership will be disastrous on the international scene as he will alienate allies and increase hostilities with those who seek to do us harm. He will continue the reputation of the U.S. as a mafia thug.

Obama on the other hand was respectful. He looked at his opponent. He addressed him by his first name on several occasions. When it was appropriate he agreed with his opponent. He demonstrated the confident, respectful, and mature leadership our nation needs to heal the damage done by eight years of immaturity. He will build allies and will work with the international community and make America respected again.

Some think that Obama needs to sink to McCain's level. I disagree. Obama will win and he will win on his own terms--the terms of dignity, intelligence, cooperation, and decency.