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Friday, September 19, 2008

Clergy For Obama

We are Clergy for Obama.

We believe in Barack Obama’s ability to change this country we love so dearly; more importantly, we believe in our ability to be the change.

We believe in our ability to create a country where:
  • all children have nourishing food
  • the sick can find affordable healthcare
  • our young adults have real opportunities and a future they can trust
  • the elderly live securely and in community
  • women and men have choices about their private lives
  • armed conflict is a last resort, not a substitute for diplomacy
Together we believe in our ability to move this country
  • to a politics of hope
  • to a deep regard for the life of the planet and care for all creation
  • to an investment in programs that work to end poverty
  • to equal pay for equal work
We are children of God.
We are citizens of the United States of America.
We believe now is the time for change.

We are Clergy for Obama

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This is NOT an endorsement from the pulpit. You are speaking for yourself, out of your faith and other commitments.

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