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Friday, August 22, 2008

The Luck and Shuck Show

Rev. Jacqueline Luck and I just finished a radio interview with Dave Hogan and Carl Swann on WJCW's Thinking Out Loud. It is the Luck and Shuck radio show. We were discussing the Michael Dowd program her congregation and my congregation are co-hosting. I talked a bit about the Jesus Seminar as well. Carl and Dave are well-informed and excellent hosts.

You can hear the interview here.

Along those same lines, James McGrath of Exploring Our Matrix, has posted the quote of the day from Joel Primack and Nancy Ellen Abrams:
"The narrow, local kind of mythic explanation that sufficed when cultures rarely mixed will never work in the emerging global culture. We now need myths that are not only scientifically believable but allow us to participate - all of us. To experience the human meaning of modern scientific cosmology, and to turn it into a working cosmology - a meaningful universe - in which we feel like participants, our culture will gradually have to transform it into myth. However, mythmaking is no longer a purely imaginative, spiritual endeavor. Today, the leeway for speculation about the nature of time, space, and matter has narrowed. Now that we have data, whole classes of possibilities have been ruled out, and science is closing in on the class of myths that could actually be true."