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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Just Trying to be Helpful

I see that the Presbyterian Coalition has created some cut and paste overtures for the true believers to submit to the 219th GA that will meet in 2010. Apparently, those on the right find it difficult to create their own overtures (grammar is so tiresome), that they need assistance from their IRD gurus.

I thought I would would add another sample overture to help their cause. Maybe it will be posted on the Coalition's website.

Overture to the 219th General Assembly:

The Presbytery of ___________________(Insert the name of your presbytery here. Be sure to spell it correctly. Get help if you need it.) _____________ overtures the General Assembly to do the following:

Give us back all of that language the last assembly took out, especially the stuff about how icky gays are and how we don't like them. God doesn't like them either. So there.

Rationale: Liberals and gays only give a pleasing odor to the Lord when you burn them. Leviticus 8:28