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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Thinking and Evolving

Michael Dowd on his website, Thank God For Evolution, posted a provocative and thoughtful piece, Four Reasons Why Nothing Matters More Than What We Think About Evolution.

Here are his four reasons:

1. A shared sacred story that honors both objective truth and subjective meaning
For the first time in human history we have a creation story that not only addresses life’s biggest questions—Who are we? Where did we come from? Where are we going? Why are we here? How are we to live?—but helps us answer those questions in ways that are both religiously inspiring and scientifically accurate. No longer are subjective meaning and objective truth isolated from one another in separate domains. Both are conveyed through the same story. (read more)

2. REALizes religion, sanctifies science, and reveals the true magnitude of both:
Many religious and non-religious people alike assume that religion is mostly concerned with otherworldly claims, and that science is devoid of meaning. But when we look at cultural evolution and appreciate the necessity of both day language and night language, we see that science is revelatory—it reveals truth—and that many of religion’s seemingly unnatural or miraculous stories actually have a measurably real, this-world referent. (read more)

3. Unmasks the powers of manipulation and clarifies our way forward:
When we understand our brain’s creation story and its deep structure we can easily see how the media and advertising industry manipulate us by appealing to instincts related to sex, safety, sustenance, and status. An evolutionary worldview is essential for unmasking the powers of manipulation and for inspiring and empowering us to channel our instinctual energies in ways that serve our higher purpose and the common good. (read more)

4. Key to alleviating suffering, living life fully, and loving the life you live:
So much suffering in the world today can be traced to people and groups being out of integrity—that is, living day by day in ways that just don’t square with Reality, with the way the world actually is. Individuals and families suffer, communities and organizations suffer, and nations and ecosystems suffer when we’re out of integrity. But here’s the catch: without understanding our place in the universe and life's trajectory, we won’t even know what integrity is, much less know how to live in it. (read more)

Michael Dowd will be in the Tri-Cities, Sept. 7-9. Don't miss it!