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Friday, July 25, 2008

Rapture False Alarm

Hey Friends,

Secretary of Jesus 9B8 gamma sector here! There was a big hubbub that I need to tell you about at the Presbyterian Church General Assembly. As you know, 08/08/08 is coming up and some folks have been anticipating the return of you know who.

Well, the rumors began to fly when a photographer of the Presbyterian News Service took this photo.

Some may think he looks like my boss.

But he is not the real one. Like Santa at Christmas, sometimes Jesus sends his little helpers down to see who is being naughty and nice (and to stir up fun). He gets bored on those long intergalactic space flights.

But unless Jesus is changing his plans, there should be no rapture on 08/08/08.

By the way, Jesus told me that this General Assembly was pretty nice.

H/T Elephant's Child