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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Presbyterian Bloggers Are Reforming

The weblog for Presbyterian Bloggers is updating with some new voices, a new format, and weekly features. It is a blogging community for Presbys and you should give it a look. Here is the lineup:

Weekly Devotion

Book Club: Review of a Book, Movie, TV Show, or Article

Personal Faith Experiences

Joyful News on Ministry

(un)recognizing Jesus:
the church as the incarnate body of Christ


1st: Ask the Moderator!
2nd: Pastors Discuss Sermons and Lectionary - Woohoo!
3rd: Ask the Experienced Pastor!
4th: Ask the Elder Elder!
5th: Meme Time!

Member Blog Meet & Greet

I get to do the Wednesday feature, Joyful News On Ministry. I am looking for stories, pics, videos, of happy Presbyterians! It can't be that tall of an order, right? Check it.