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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

And We're Not Going to Stop...


I want to give you one more reminder about the candlelight service tonight at First Presbyterian in Elizabethton, 119 West F Street. Here is a map. The service will be at 7 p.m. It is called

A Service to Honor the Knoxville Shooting Victims and to
Shine a Light for Hope, Human Dignity, and Peace

A friend told me today that she didn't know how much this incident affected her until she talked about it out loud. This will be an opportunity to gather, light a candle, offer a statement of grief and/or hope, and stand in solidarity with these people who shine a light of peace and tolerance in Knoxville.

Our UU friends in Knoxville took those shots for us. There are some things we can do in response:

Knoxville Relief Fund
Write a letter to the UU congregations
Post a note of love and compassion on-line
Attend a UU vigil in your area

There was a service yesterday at the church next door to TVUUC, 2nd Presbyterian. You can read UUA President William Sinkford's message. He said:

"And you know what? More of the people in this sanctuary here tonight, would say the same things: that we need to be willing to stand up and stand on the side of that larger love which can help us move through these difficult times, resulting from this tragedy, but [also] these difficult times for our world, right now.

And we’re not going to stop, and you can’t stop it. You can’t allow your fear or your confusion or your sorrow, or your anger—you can’t allow any of those emotions to keep you separated from what is central to your living, however you express it religiously."

You are not alone.