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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Lying for Jesus

I spent my vacation visiting family in Glendive, Montana. Glendive is about 40 miles from North Dakota on Interstate I-94. Glendive, like most Eastern Montana towns has been losing population for a couple of decades. It is the prairie. If you follow the Yellowstone River down to Sidney, MT, things are a little better there. They have oil shale in that area that is now economically advantageous to extract.

But not much oil in Glendive. So, Glendive is not a place where there is a great deal of construction. They even lost their McDonald's.

Imagine my surprise when I saw this new building right on the Interstate.

Glendive is the gateway to Montana from the East.

So everyone on the Interstate passes by Glendive and sees this huge, new building.

As you get closer to the building, you read its sign.

A dinosaur and fossil museum. That's cool. Glendive is in the badlands and many dinosaur bones have been discovered here. Makoshika Park in Glendive has a museum. But I am not sure if it is even open.

Follow the Montana Dinosaur Trail. Over ten different dinosaur species have been found in and near Makoshika Park. But Makoshika Park is not on the Interstate.

So what the heck is this place? Here is a picture of the front of the building.

Nice building. Notice the huge dinosaur head.
I'll bet it is expensive, too.

Let's take a closer look.

Crap. It is closed. A sign on the window says it will open later this summer. I go to my parents' home and check out its website, Yeah, it sounds suspicious.

I click the link. Yup. It is the website of a religious nut job. But this one has raised some money to put this phony, deceptive "museum" along Interstate 94.

You will want to check out the website and read the newsletter. The founder, Otis Kline, has raised nearly 2 million bucks for this monstrosity, with more needed. Please pray that the Lord will come through.

Where this money comes from, who knows? I hope it doesn't come from local people who can barely keep the public school functioning, provide basic services, or to provide funding for a real museum!

These folks are lying. It isn't just that they are wrong and stupid. They are intentionally deceiving people. Three examples:

1) This museum does not represent Glendive, even though it is called the Glendive Dinosaur and Fossil Museum. It has nothing to do with the city government or the people of Glendive or the State of Montana or any educational institution.

2) It has nothing to do with science, even as it advertises itself as such.

3) It does not represent Christianity (except for these Christian deceivers).

This is ignorance and deception. The people I talked to didn't even know that this museum wasn't a normal scientific museum. They are locals and thought it was a dinosaur museum, apparently like at Makoshika.

People of Glendive, you need to know that the world is going to laugh at you. "Boy, aren't Montanans stupid." You need to make sure that your public schools and your city government distances itself from this place. You need to treat it as you would any fundamentalist church.

You need to be writing letters to the editor of your local paper as well as the Billings Gazette clearly stating that this museum does not represent you. The school board needs to state unequivocally that this is not a place where teachers can take students for a field trip.

If teachers do take students to this "museum" for a field trip, raise hell.
It would be like taking a field trip to the local LDS, Baptist, Methodist or Presbyterian (if they had one) church for indoctrination lessons.

Teachers at the Dawson County High School and at Dawson County Community College need to state clearly and publicly that this museum is NOT science and point out its deceptions.

If there are any ministers in Glendive with any common sense, you need to denounce this place as an insult to faith.

It is for this reason that we have the Clergy Letter Project. It might be time to check this organization out and sign on.

Here is a news report about these types of museums popping up all over. This is posted on Lying for Jesus:

H/T Debunking