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Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Blogging Moderator

The election of Bruce Reyes-Chow may have changed the way Presbyterians will be doing business. BRC is a blogger with a huge internet presence. Google him and you find his life. Who cares about interviews with moderator candidates in the traditional newspapers such as the Presbyterian News Service, the Layman or the Witherspoon Society? How many people actually read the paper copies of those magazines anyway? I can find out about Bruce by asking him myself on-line. So can anyone else. This is a totally new deal.

This was an internet election and the candidate who knew the internet best and blogged most won. That in no way takes anything way from his message and his personality or that blogging was somehow an unfair advantage. No, he is the man for the job because he has the pulse of what is happening in church today. The medium is a big part of his message.

The internet is democratic, well, pretty much. It allows voices of the smaller church folks, layfolk, youth, and people without access to traditional sources of power, make it happen on-line. This medium allows people into the discussion. Adding voices is the heart of Bruce's message.

My internet presence has made a huge difference in how I do ministry. Much if it is on-line ministry. Much of my session business is done via e-mail as well as pastoral care, committee work, you name it. And I'm a loser at the computer. I can't even figure out how to get one of those real wide, attractive blogs to work.

And outreach?
The PFLAG chapter would not have the influence and success it has here without the internet and the willingness to use it.

Bruce knows this. That is why he is moderator. It will be exciting to watch what happens.