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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Thou that Walkest the Labyrinth... a WITCH! John Adams of the LayMAN, in his delightfully paranoid article, "Parallels Between Israel and Judah and the PCUSA," compares the objects of scorn of the Hebrew prophet, Micah, with the Presbyterian Church. He finds plenty of parallels. Here is number four:
"Witchcraft, idolatry and the occult. Micah links all three. Perhaps they're not obvious in the PCUSA. But are there signs? The fascination with labyrinths--often set up for General Assembly commissioners to take meditative walks--makes many who take God's Word seriously uneasy."

Labyrinths are Satan's playground!

You guessed it. First Presbyterian of Elizabethton is constructing a labyrinth as part of its 225th anniversary celebration.

Here are some witches, druids, pagans, elves...

warlocks and faeries...

loafers and ne'er-do-wells...

at one of our labyrinth workdays.

It is going to be pretty cool.

The labyrinth path will be wheelchair accessible. Folks will design their own stones to place on the pathway.

We hope to have it completed by Fall...

...just in time for Halloween! Bring your coven!