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Thursday, May 08, 2008

Theology and Same-Gender Relationships

I am reading William Stacy Johnson's,

A Time to Embrace: Same-Gender Relationships in Religion, Law and Politics.

To catch up, Prof. Johnson of Princeton Theological Seminary, was on the The Theological Task Force for the PC(USA). He gave a presentation to the task force about the different ways people do and can think about same-gender relationships.

I am doing a presentation during the adult forum at my congregation on Johnson's scheme this Sunday. You can read a summary of the various responses to same-gender attraction here (although, he has added one category, and renamed some others for the book).

This is where you will find resources from the Theological Task Force.

A more in-depth study of Prof. Johnson's report is in pdf Same-Gender Relationships in the Church: Seven Theological Viewpoints. A facilitator's guide goes with it. This would be an excellent resource for an adult class or a book study.

It is a helpful way for people to gain clarity on why they think the way they do and to respect how others come to different conclusions.

he following six possibilities from the Presbyterian Outlook article are a good place to begin. What is your theological view? Vote on the sidebar! And leave a comment here!

Repent of being gay
Return to hetero-
sexuality or abstain
“Definitive guidance”
Repent of gay behavior
Accept one’s fate and abstain
One sin among others
Repent of singling out gay sinfulness
Create a world in which differences do not matter
Pastoral care
Repent of misguidedness or cruelty implicit in demanding change
Committed relationship held preferable to promiscuity
Fact of life
to be celebrated
Repent of self-loathing
Celebrate orientation as God’s good gift
Fact of life
Repent of disorderedness, not orientation
Consecrate as a means of God’s grace