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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Resisting Militarism

The Layman is trashing the Presbyterian Peace Fellowship and former PC(USA) moderator, Rick Ufford-Chase. It is rather convenient when the LayMAN does that kind of thing, then I remember that good things are still happening in the PC(USA). The Presbyterian Peace Fellowship (PPF) is one of those good things.

The PPF held a retreat over Memorial Day Weekend to help high school and college students resist militarism and the aggressive recruiting practices of the military.

This training is designed for young adults who are interested in countering the military recruitment efforts on their high school and college campuses. Our hope is that participants will return to their areas of the country prepared to offer similar trainings for other young adults.

Participants and leaders will tent camp together in the Ghost Ranch Campground, and there weekend will include hiking, a morning of whitewater rafting, and outdoor leadership skill-building.

Check out the PPF website. I hope to see some of these fine folks at the Presbyterian Peacemaking Conference in July. Maybe I will see you there, too?