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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

One Review Deserves Another

Bill Wilson sent me a copy of his book, How to Get Rich as a Televangelist or Faith Healer. I have just started it and will give a review in a couple of days.

I am enjoying it already and I am picking up a few good tips. It is a satire written as a how to guide.

Throughout he describes the antics of faith healer charlatans and the money they make. He even has some websites where you can get your ministerial credentials.

Bill comments now and again on Shuck and Jive as Freethinker321. I should also thank Bill for reviewing Shuck and Jive on Bill gave me a 7.8:

This is the blog of a liberal minister living in Tennessee. He writes about matters like race relations, homophobia, the Iraq war, and his more conservative counterparts in the pulpit. His tone is cordial yet borders on the combative at times. He also employs cynical and irreverent humor to communicate his positions. I say all the above to describe this fellow, not criticize him.

I enjoy his writing and the passion with which he defends his views. He comes across as self-righteous at times, self-congratulatory in his enlightened beliefs and quick to label others as intolerant instead of trying to understand them. But I commend his courage in speaking his mind to an often hostile audience. You may love him or hate him, but you will find his blog worth your time.

Pretty accurate, I would say. Although an 8.8 would have been nicer.